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Bribery Act Awareness At Work Place

Course Details

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Gain the knowledge and understanding needed to recognise and prevent bribery from happening, in your organisation, and how to create and implement an anti-bribery policy and risk assessment.

The law has changed; it can now make senior managers personally liable for any acts seen as bribery. Our course will bring you up to date on anti-bribery legislation, including what can constitute as a bribe, ensuring that you don't fall foul of the law. Suitable for businesses across sectors, this course will help you demonstrate your due diligence to the new legislation.

Course Overview:

  • The Bribery Act; what it includes and who should be concerned
  • Anti-bribery corruption legislation
  • What bribery is
  • Implications of a bribery compliance program
  • Proving your due diligence
  • Consequences of failing to implement a bribery program

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Course Duration: 2hrs