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Cask Marque Cellar Management, Level 2

Course Details

Course details will be announced later.

Look after equipment in the cellar and ensure beer remains in perfect condition from its delivery to being served with this online course in association with Cask Marque.

The cellar is the heart of your operation and so best practice needs to be adopted when it comes to the upkeep of it. This course will highlight how to maintain the upkeep of your cellar, from cleaning the pipes to changing barrels, ensuring your products are protected, unnecessary wastage is avoided and the organisation of your cellar is kept simple.

Course Overview:

  • The differences between cask and keg
  • Hygiene rules, regulations and best practice
  • Temperature and how it can impact on draught quality
  • Stock control; maximising yields and reducing wastage
  • Dispense gas systems
  • Line cleaning

Callus to entroll tot his course.

Course Duration: 2hrs