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Emergency First Aid

Course Details

Course details will be announced later.

By taking this online course you can become an Appointed Person, responsible for first aid requirements in your workplace.

The minimum first aid requirement for all workplaces is to have an Appointed Person. The role of an Appointed Person is to manage first aid arrangements in the workplace; taking stock of and refilling the first aid box and calling emergency services when an accident occurs. This is not a first aid course and so Appointed Persons must not administer any first aid in an accident. To become a qualified first aider please see our face-to-face First Aid in the Workplace course.

Course Overview:

  • Responsibility and reporting
  • The legal requirements for emergency first aid provision
  • Contents of a first aid box and its safe use
  • Assessing an incident
  • Accurate incident reporting
  • When and how to call for help

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Course Duration: 2hrs