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Food Safety Level 2

Course Details

Course details will be announced later.

The Level 2 Award in Food Safety is a course designed to give catering employees knowledge and understanding of good food hygiene practice.

UK and EU regulations make training appropriate to their job role in basic food safety procedures a legal requirement for food handlers. The course should be completed by anyone whose job role involves cooking, preparing or serving food. In the event that appropriate training was not obtained, can be prosecuted or impose the fine to such offence.
In order to avoid the prosecution or fines and adopt best practice, Please call us to enroll on our course or to advise in relation this requirement.

Course Overview:

  • The symptoms and causes of food poisoning
  • The benefits associated with good food safety
  • The sources of food poisoning bacteria
  • How food poisoning can occur and how to prevent it
  • Requirements for the construction of food premises
  • The benefits of a documented food management system

Course Duration : 2hrs