Compliance Courses

Requirement by law is that all staff or business must follow and adhered at work place. In the event of breach of required statutory requirement, there will be fine or penalty may be imposed or imprisonment.

    Licensing Sector

  1. Award for Personal License Holders (APLH), Level 2
  2. Award for Designated Premises Supervisors (ADPS), Level 3
  3. Award for Under Age Sale Prevention (AUASP)
  4. Scottish Award for Licensed Premises Staff (SALPS), Level 2
  5. Age verification
  6. Award for Licensed Premises Staff
  7. Food and Catering staff and business

  8. Front of house Food and Safety
  9. Food Safety Level 2
  10. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), Level 2
  11. Food Safety in Manufacturing
  12. All Work Place Compliance

  13. Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Training (COSHH)
  14. Health and Safety, Level 2
  15. Front of the house Health and Safety.
  16. Fire Awareness, Level 2
  17. Equality and Diversity at work place
  18. Bribery Act awareness at work place
  19. Money Laundering Awareness
  20. Disability Act Awareness
  21. Drug awareness
  22. Manual Handling.
  23. Food and Catering staff and business

Soft Skills Course

What for;

These courses are to enhance you’re your career prospects through your development of the type of work that you do. Furthermore it increases the performances

Why necessary:

The performance will leads to happy and more productive that lead to excellent customer care. Therefore, the employer’s business can grow well from strength to strength.

  1. Customer services, Level 2
  2. Conflict Management, Level 2
  3. Time Management, Level 2
  4. Venners Stock Management, Level 2
  5. Cask Marque Cellar Management, Level 2
  6. Cask Marque Bar Excellence, Level 2
  7. Interview Skills, Level 2
  8. Staff Appraisal Skills, Level 2

Care Courses

We provide following courses for health and social sector. It is legal requirement, all staff must be trained to appropriate level of the job that they do in their workplace. Non compliance with such requirements is detrimental to those business and individuals. Our training not only will help to develop and enhance the staff’s ability but also legal compliance at work place. Al courses are accredited by EDI Plc, Level 2

  1. Dementia Awareness,
  2. Safe Guarding Vulnerable Adults
  3. Medication Awareness
  4. Documentation and Record Keeping
  5. Emergency First Aid
  6. Infection prevention control.
  7. Common Induction Standards
  8. Communications