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We are a satellite training institution of CPL training. We offer the following courses to your business and staff. All our courses are conducted by a qualified and very experienced staff with excellent record of achievements in the examin ation by the students. All our courses are accredited to level 2 by the Education Developments International Plc. All certificates are approved and issued by EDI Plc. We follow updated courses from our providers. Currently we provide training for the following courses.

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Compliance Course

Requirement by law is that all staff or business must follow and adhered at work place. In the event of breach of required statutory requirement, there will be fine or penalty may be imposed or imprisonment.

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Soft Skill Course

These courses are to enhance you’re your career prospects through your development of the type of work that you do. Furthermore it increases the performances

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Care Course

We provide following courses for health and social sector. It is legal requirement, all staff must be trained to appropriate level of the job that they do in their workplace.

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